Frequently Asked Questions

Bulb Questions

How long do the bulbs last?

Unlike line voltage bulbs or 110 VAC candle bulbs which generate intense heat burning curtains, rugs and fingers, and are rated to last just 1500 hours, our system uses a safe, low voltage 2 watt long life (6,000 Hours!) bulb. Our bulbs never get hot to the touch and come in 8 different colors! We even make custom colors if needed. If you frequently switch your system on and off using a timer, please purchase LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are not made to withstand those requirements. 

Candle Questions

Can I remove the candles?

Yes, each WindowCandle can be easily removed from the windowsill at any time and, if wanted, a small low-profile cover can be installed. This cover protects the receptacle and gives the windowsill a finished look if the candle is removed. Most WindowCandle customers leave the candle in all year long and most of our customers do ALL the windows in the house, not just the front. 

WindowCandles was the first patented built-in window candle lighting system in the world. We are currently the ONLY safe, low-voltage candle system on the market today.


There are many high voltage or line voltage candles on the market; even though these systems are advertised as safe, beware if you have small children who can touch the hot bulb or even worse unscrew the bulb and stick their finger in the sockets! These systems also often require trim modifications and other evasive renovations to install, which can be extremely costly.

Our system conceals the wires in the walls so the possibility of tripping on the cords or knocking the candle over is eliminated. Also, the low-voltage feature results in a bulb that is never hot to the touch which is perfect if you are concerned about the safety of small children, pets, or those with special needs.


WindowCandles are extremely customizable, unlike the high-voltage systems! You can interchange caps, sleeves, long-lasting LEDs, colored or clear incandescent bulbs, and our huge selection of bases!


We only offer Priority Mail or UPS as shipping methods so you can get the products you need as fast as possible to ensure you're fully decorated before a party or large event! All packages are insured under USPS and UPS for $100.00 if shipped from our Maryland warehouse, and we even take Apple Pay and Android Pay online, so purchasing our products is super convenient and stress free!

Our entire system is electrically approved by UL and CSA # 1387987 

How do WindowCandles attach to my windowsill?

Each candle slides on to our patented mounting clip. This small oval clip recesses only a 1/4'' in to the windowsill and is held in place with two screws. See Installation area of website for a complete installation pictorial of the entire process from start to finish. 

How do WindowCandles turn on and off?

Being a low voltage system, the options are endless on how to control your WindowCandles lighting system! Here are a few options:

You can connect to your alarm system and turn on/off from the keypad; install a photocell, 24-hour timer, wireless on/off switch, hardwired switch anywhere in the home, etc, etc.

Most people use a timer and on/off switch, or a wireless smart plug system connected to a 5GHz network, preferably.

Installation Questions

WindowCandles can be installed in existing homes through a process called retro-fitting. Almost any pre-existing home can have WindowCandles installed just like an alarm system or phone jack. Ask your authorized WindowCandles Dealer for more details. 

Will I need to modify my windowsills?

No. Only our WindowCandles can be installed on any windowsill. Many builders only use our low voltage window candles because only our product easily installs without costly trim work. Our system doesn't require building out the windowsill or any other trim modifications, unlike other brands that have tried to copy the design and convenience of WindowCandles. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Other line voltage or 110VAC candles can be done, but the trim work required usually costs twice what the candle costs! If it's a retro fit, forget it. Trim work, drywall patching, what a nightmare. Our system only recesses 1/4" in the windowsill and the sill only needs to be 2" wide. EASY, EASY, EASY!!! 

Will WindowCandles meet the electrical codes in my area?

Yes, WindowCandles meets all electrical low-voltage codes. The system is CSA UL approved and U.S.A. patented. CSA Approval Certificate: 1387987 U.S.A. Patent No.: 5,601,360 + 6,837,594 


Who currently uses WindowCandles?

Check out our list of builders that have Window Candles installed for their customers. Call us if you would like to be added! We would love to hear from you!

Altieri Homes Inc.
Artwood Builders
Arundel Custom Homes
Baldwin Homes
Barry Andrews Homes
Blair Custom Homes
Bastian Homes
Bob Ward New Homes
Briddell Builders
Brockton Homes
Builders First Choice
Bunting Construction Corporation
Cignal Development Corporation
Clark Turner Homes
Columbia Builders
Cornerstone Group
Costello Construction
Crystal Construction
Custer Design Group
Design Alternatives
Don Johnson Builders
Dorsey Family Homes
Duerbeck Homes
Fallon Homes
First Mariner Bank
Forty West Builders
Gast Construction Co.
Gemcraft Homes
Gerard Builders
Golden Builders
Goodier Builders
Handcraft Homes
Hoffman Custom Homes
Jarrettsville Builders, Inc.
JST Builders
Keelty Homes
Kimberly Homes
LaCrosse Homes
Layne Thomas Builders
Limited Homes
Linkous Homes
MGK Construction Co.
Mill Green Construction
Norman L. Graham Builders
Patriot Homes
PCS Homes
Plumb Construction Company, Inc.
Richmond American Homes
Rosemark Custom Homes
Ruppert Homes
Ryan Homes
Ryland Homes
Sierra Homes
Signature Custom Homes
Somerset Homes
Stephen’s General Cons.
Stephen Group
The Griffmore Group
The Rachuba Group
Toll Brothers
Trivette Builders
Truitt Builders
White Oak Homes
Williamsburg Group
Winespring Builders Inc.
Woods Construction
Zimmer/Grove Construction
Zonko Builders Inc. 

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