Incandescent Clear 5 Pack [302-C]

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The 302-C bulb is the original WindowCandles incandescent bulb that came with most systems. It is important to note that incandescent bulbs should not be used with timers, as they will blow out very quickly due to the constant on/off cycles. 


The 5 pack option will be discontinued once inventory depletes and will be replaced with a 10 pack option. 

Kelvin Ratings of LED Bulbs

Click here to see a diagram of color temperature ranges!

LED 3-year guarantee

Most LED bulbs are guaranteed for three years. If during, at any time, one of your bulbs blows out in this period, send it back to us for free and we will replace it!

Some bulbs are ineligible for this guarantee as they are either discontinued or are scheduled to be discontinued. The following bulbs are not eligible for the 3 year guarantee:




302-OTLED (Mono LED, old version no longer on the website)

Product Compatibility

Not all WindowCandles products are compatible with each other. We clearly display this information throughout our site.

  • Wax sleeves: Not all wax sleeves are compatible with all bases. No wax sleeves are compatible with square bases or any cap. Please contact us if you want to make sure the wax sleeves work with a particular base. If you order a wax sleeve and it does not work with your base, you may be eligible for a free return.
  • Bulbs: Absolutely no other bulb will work properly with the Window Candle stick. The candle is designed to detect a foreign bulb and stop producing light to prevent fires and/or damage to the candle stick. By using any other bulb except for our exclusive WindowCandles product line of 12-volt 2 watt incandescent or LED bulbs, you are violating your limited lifetime warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your candlestick by using incorrect bulbs. You will also be ineligible for candle repairs entirely.
  • Wire: By using any other wire other than the official WindowCandles yellow wire, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect wire.
  • Transformer: By using any other transformer other than the official WindowCandles transformers WC50VA, WC4Z (old), WC4Z (new), WC8Z (discontinued), or WC9Z, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect transformers.
  • Mounting hardware: By using any other type of mounting hardware other than the official WindowCandles mounting hardware, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect hardware.

If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

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John Szotkiewicz (Elkton, MD)
Broken bulb

One of bulbs arrived broken. I am sure it was due to shipping. There were 6 packs of 5 bulbs in a small cardboard box with a little bubble wrap . I think a little bigger box with more bubble wrap would have prevented breakage. The bulb was shattered, so I am sure the box got mishandled. I am hoping the filaments in the rest are ok. So far the ones I tried are good.

We apologize for the shipping error.

Anonymous (Nazareth, PA)
Never showed up


I am glad it finally arrived after speaking with you over the phone, Stacy. Enjoy!


Carol Kaye (New Freedom, PA)
Love the ambience these create

I have these in 23 windows in my house and have had them for the last 18 years. My only problem with them is that it only takes a slight “bump” to “blow” them out. As the lights have become more expensive I sometimes don’t replace the ones in the back of the house to save money. I just read some of the reviews that were sent in and it appears that someone in “customer service” is quite a smart-a— with their answers. It was certainly a turn off for me. After 18 years why are we just hearing that you shouldn’t have these on a timer? What is the difference between that and a switch that turns them on and then you have to turn it off to shut them down?

Hello Carol,

We recommend switching to LED to mitigate this issue, or use extra care when handling or adjusting the bulbs or candle.

BARBARA FAIRALL (Danielsville, PA)

Incandescent Clear 5 Pack [302-C]

Grant Gilmore (Camden, NJ)
Difficult to navigate website

I ordered some replacement candles. The candles work as they should, but I have found the it is difficult to navigate the website in order to locate the items that I would like to buy. Updating the search and location of merchandise for sale on the website would help locate and purchase items for purchase.

Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that the replacement candles are working well for you. We're sorry to hear that you found our website difficult to navigate. While we've received many compliments on our site's usability, we understand that user experiences can vary. We appreciate your input and will certainly consider ways to improve the search and merchandise location to make it easier for our customers to find and purchase items. Your feedback is valuable to us in our ongoing efforts to enhance your shopping experience.