𝘓𝘌𝘋 Frosted Sun Warm White Bulb ⚠1 BULB⚠ 302-1LED

𝘓𝘌𝘋 Frosted Sun Warm White Bulb ⚠1 BULB⚠ 302-1LED

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This is a single L.E.D. Sun Warm White plastic frosted bulb, looks like the real deal.


ALL L.E.D. Bulbs are sold and priced PER BULB, so if you have 12 candles, order 12 of the ones you want.

Click on the video below for LED bulb comparisons.


Customer Reviews

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Douglas Michael Hudak

The lights i ordered said “sun warm”
They were more blue -I could not find bulbs i had ordered two years ago - so i bought these … so-so

Hi Douglas,

Sorry to hear you are displeased with the bulb hue. Try our 302-2 and 302-3 in the future or our new 302-MD

Joe Leigh
Good Product and Fast Service

I ordered 6 bulbs on line. The process was easy, simple, and quick. I received notices when the package shipped and follow up notices until they wee delivered. The lights work great. They LED lights hold up better than the incandescent light. Glad we ordered them.

Thank you for the kind words, Joe.

Mark Swanson
Replacement Bulbs

Our window candle system has worked well for almost 10 years now! Great investment!

Thank you for the kind words.

Brian Ashcraft
They look and work great but...

They look and work great. The only complaint that I have is that the first one in the line always seems to blow out over time. Not sure if it's too much power but it blows it out and then you have to get replacements. I would like to order a 5 pack but I had to order 5 separate bulbs which cost a bit more than the 5 pack. Overall, I am happy with them and would recommend because replacing the plug in ones at our old house was a real pain in the butt! :-)

Hi Brian,

Please give us a call at 410-734-4280 to resolve this problem. The WindowCandle system should not be functioning like this and we would like to run a diagnostic. Thank you.

nice bulb much nicer than the old incandesant

please note on your site that these are 12 volt DC not AC - I bought an AC to DC 12 volt converter to run these bulbs - it was worth it

Hello Richard,

Please note that our products are specifically made for our system (bulbs, candles, etc.). If you are trying to do some sort of DIY project at home, we are not liable for improper functionality of the WindowCandles System.

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