LED Purple Bulb ⚠1 BULB⚠ [302P-LED]

LED Purple Bulb ⚠1 BULB⚠ [302P-LED]

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      • Long-Lasting Guaranteed 3 years
      • Single Bulb-Looks same as regular bulbs
      • Candelabra Base-Same as regular bulbs
      • Purple Glass Bulb but with LED inside

Purple Glass replacement bulb, this looks just like the bulb you have been using, and that came with the candles when new but with the new L.E.D. everyone has been asking for inside.

ALL L.E.D. Bulbs are sold and priced PER BULB, so if you have 12 candles, order 12 of the ones you want. 100% Money-Back Guarantee if not happy.

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Coco T,
Purple LED bulbs look blueish - disco-like

I wanted to have 3 Purple LEDs. Having ordered some white LEDs, which all come indifidually packed, I must have gotten confused and I ended up with 3 PACKAGES of 5each, meaning 15 purple bulbs. 1 whole package didn't work and I need to deal with sending it back. The 2nd one I don't need and the 3rd package I'll keep, since I like the light. It's very blue-ish, so it's a bit cool, but I like it.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Donna Wise

Show Your Colors - 5 Ravens Purple LED Bulbs #302-PLED

Michele Wood
Excellent Deal

Excellent Deal and Quality was so excited to receive. Quick and easy ordering and delivery

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