Small Transformer - Up to 15 Candles PN WC50VA

Small Transformer - Up to 15 Candles PN WC50VA

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Our small  24 Volt AC "Brick" style transformer plugs in to any standard 110VAC outlet. The transformers 24 volts AC voltage is changed to 12 volts DC with electronics inside each candle stick. 

This transformer can power up to 15 Standard INCANDESCENT Window Candles using our 12VDC 2 Watt bulbs.

This same transformer can power up to 50 Window Candles ONLY if our LED bulbs are installed in the candles. ALL candles can be on a single run or multiple runs wired together at the transformer.

Before wiring MAKE sure you never want incandescent bulbs if you wired system for LED bulbs!! If you wire for incandescent bulbs you can always change to LED, but not the other way around.

ALWAY test systems wiring with a continuity meter first.

NEVER assume all connections are correct, test with meter and then connect transformer. Use the two AC outside terminals 

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