3-Year LED Guarantee Policy

All current LED bulbs are guaranteed for three years. The three-year period begins from the date of purchase and ends exactly three years after the date of purchase. All LED bulbs that are covered under the 3-Year Guarantee are as follows:

  • 302-1
  • 302-MD
  • 302-3
  • 302-3F
  • 302-RLED
  • 302-BLED
  • 302-GLED
  • 302-OTLED (Version 2, Triple LED)
  • 302-FY
  • 302-FF
  • 302-SF
  • 302-FL

Bulbs not covered under the 3-Year Guarantee are as follows:

  • 302-5K
  • 302-5KF
  • 302-2
  • 302-OTLED (Version 1)

If you have an LED bulb discontinue operating within three years of the purchase date, you are eligible for a free bulb.

Please contact customercare@windowcandles.com to learn more or to receive a return shipping label to send the bad bulb back. Once we receive the bad bulb at the office, a new one will be mailed via snail mail padded envelope (if plastic) or First Class Package Box (if glass).

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