Win free bulbs for life! Fill out this form to enter! 

CONTEST ENDS 11/26/2022

If your gorgeous home wins, we will head over to you and take some pictures for our catalog and/or website!
After that, the lucky winner will never have to pay for bulbs. EVER!
You must submit an image of your home to be included in the contest. Otherwise your entry will be deleted.

Prize Tiers:

1st Place Receives free bulbs for life*, a WindowCandles jacket, hat, mug, and other merchandise as well as a feature on our website and brochures!
2nd Place Receives a free one-time coupon voucher for up to 25 free bulbs of your choosing, a free WindowCandles jacket and shirt, as well as a one-time 25% off all candle caps, bases and sleeves.
3rd Place Receives our Christmas Package of Goodies!
4th Place Receives our Winter Package of Goodies!
5th Place  Receives our Saint Patty's Day Special!
*limit of 13 packs of incandescent bulbs per year or 65 LED bulbs per year, but you certainly won't need that many! Any bulb combination.
Note: images submitted to this form may be used on the website, brochures, etc. 
Note: the winner of the contest will have their home showcased on brochures,, etc.

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