Dual-LED Clear Sun Warm White Bulb [302-MD]

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The 302-MD LED bulb has two miniature LEDs inside, hence the name "Dual-LED" and is a clear glass bulb. It uses 0.2 watts, which is 90% less than the energy consumption of an incandescent bulb. 

LED 3-year guarantee

Most LED bulbs are guaranteed for three years. If during, at any time, one of your bulbs blows out in this period, send it back to us for free and we will replace it!

Some bulbs are ineligible for this guarantee as they are either discontinued or are scheduled to be discontinued. The following bulbs are not eligible for the 3 year guarantee:




302-OTLED (Mono LED, old version no longer on the website)

Product Compatibility

Not all WindowCandles products are compatible with each other. We clearly display this information throughout our site.

  • Wax sleeves: Not all wax sleeves are compatible with all bases. No wax sleeves are compatible with square bases or any cap. Please contact us if you want to make sure the wax sleeves work with a particular base. If you order a wax sleeve and it does not work with your base, you may be eligible for a free return.
  • Bulbs: Absolutely no other bulb will work properly with the Window Candle stick. The candle is designed to detect a foreign bulb and stop producing light to prevent fires and/or damage to the candle stick. By using any other bulb except for our exclusive WindowCandles product line of 12-volt 2 watt incandescent or LED bulbs, you are violating your limited lifetime warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your candlestick by using incorrect bulbs. You will also be ineligible for candle repairs entirely.
  • Wire: By using any other wire other than the official WindowCandles yellow wire, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect wire.
  • Transformer: By using any other transformer other than the official WindowCandles transformers WC50VA, WC4Z (old), WC4Z (new), WC8Z (discontinued), or WC9Z, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect transformers.
  • Mounting hardware: By using any other type of mounting hardware other than the official WindowCandles mounting hardware, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect hardware.

If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
David Schiappa (Philadelphia, PA)

We purchased our house with these installed and we love them. WindowCandles has been responsive with all of our questions and any needs we have for bulb replacement. We get a lot of favorable comments on how they look from outside!

Thanks for leaving this kind review!

Grace Pierce (Ephrata, PA)
Need better description of differences in appearance

I just purchased a clear double LED window candle and a frosted single LED window candle to compare the appearance with my other 15 clear incandescent bulbs. They are different from each other and from the clear incandescent. I cannot use them together without purchasing enough for all 15 candles. Also, I would urge you to consider selling the clear double LED or the frosted single LED in 5-packs. LEDs are much more durable and efficient but too costly to replace all of my bulbs at once. And I cannot replace them one at a time because they are all over the front of our home, and the appearance difference is significant. Thank you for your speedy service!

Hello Grace,

Generally, customers tend to purchase all their replacement LEDs together, which might seem costly at first. Nevertheless, with a 3-year guarantee and the subsequent energy savings, the LEDs will quickly pay for themselves. Additionally, it's important to note that LEDs have a distinct appearance from incandescent bulbs. We've received numerous complaints about selling LEDs in 5 packs, as customers prefer buying the exact number of bulbs they need instead of extras. Selling LEDs per bulb is statistically more efficient for our customers.


Mark Grant (Newtown, PA)
Dual-LED Clear Sun Warm White Bulb 5-Pack

You should sell the Dual-LED Clear Sun Warm White Bulb in 5-Pack. I would think that would be the most sought after bulbs. Thank you, Mark

Hello Mark,

None of our clear LED bulbs are sold in 5 packs. The incandescent clear 5 pack 302-c is still, by far, the most popular bulb, although we are trying to spread the word on why LED is better.

Harvey Smith (Rehoboth Beach, DE)
Finally a longer lasting bulb.

I have 6 candles that I have to use an extension ladder to change the bulb. These are an answer to a prayer.

We are glad you like them. Remember that if anything happens in the next three years and you need a new bulb, let us know as it will be covered under the three year guarantee.

Dhananjay Patel (Mechanicsburg, PA)
Quick shipment and great product

My order want delivered as post office update my tracking as delivered. 3 days later I check my mail box and I found my package was there with same tracking number. Post office may have deliver to incorrect house and may have return my home owner later.
However I sent email to customer service and they never responded.

Hi Mr/Mrs. Patel,

This is false. We responded to you within one business day on Tuesday, June 13th at 9:31 am.

We have nothing to do with United States Postal Service. If there are any problems with them, you need to contact them, as we do not have any control over what happens once packages leave our office.