High-Voltage 110V (4W) Blubs- 5 Pack
High-Voltage 110V (4W) Blubs- 5 Pack

High-Voltage 110V (4W) Blubs- 5 Pack

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This is a clear incandescent window candle bulb for a 110-volt plug-in candle. 

Clear, Painted Red, Painted Blue, Painted Orange, Painted White, Painted Yellow, Painted Purple, Painted Pink, Painted Green, Translucent Pink, Translucent Red, Translucent Blue, Translucent Amber, Translucent Green, Translucent Yellow

110V 4W candelabra light bulb in may colors. Works with plug-in 110v window candles, chandeliers, and much more.
  • 4 Watt
  • 110 Volt
  • Candelabra Base
  • Flame Tip
  • Single Bulb

Customer Reviews

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Gina Williams (Chincoteague, VA)
Like the candles not the customer service

I ordered two packs of 110V 4W bulbs and received 1 pack of 110V and 1 pack of 12V 2W. I called and the gentleman on the phone sent out a new pack of the 110V bulbs which was great. However before I noticed the bulbs were the wrong kind we had already put 2 in our candles. Now one won't come on and one won't turn off. He proceeded to tell me that it couldn't damage my candles. I told him that I dont know what it could do however this was what I was left with. He then suggested it could be a fuse issue. I dont know if it is or isn't at this point but I'm left to figure it out. He seemed to insinuate that I couldn't be correct with my story. I simple acceptance of what your customer is explaining to you goes a long way. Why would I make that up?


It is physically impossible for a 110V bulb to damage a 12V candle. The candle is simply unable to output the required voltage to power a 110V bulb. Your candles did not operate because you had purchased the incorrect bulbs for a discontinued product line of 110V custom plug-in candles, or a fuse blew in the transformer to prevent potential damage.

If you still need assistance, do not hesitate to call your local dealer or our offices.

Robert W (Newark, DE)
A little more website clarity needed

I ordered the wrong bulbs for my window candle system. I had a 12 volt system, these were for a 110 system. I was able to return the incorrect bulbs, which is good, but a little more detail or reminders on the website to verify your system before ordering would have prevented the error in the first place.

Hi Robert,

We have two specific tabs indicating which bulbs are for which system. We have the '110V system' tab and the '12V system' tab. When you click the tabs, dropdown menus appear that will provide accessories and products for that specific type of system. If you have navigation issues in the future, do not hesitate to order over the phone as an alternative.

Linda Bowersox (Annapolis, MD)

Great service. Even corrected my order error. Thank you.

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