𝘓𝘌𝘋 Clear Glass Bulb 1 BULB 302-2LED

𝘓𝘌𝘋 Clear Glass Bulb 1 BULB 302-2LED

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This looks just like the bulb you have been using (part # 302C) which came with the candles when purchased, but with the new L.E.D.'s everyone has been asking for inside.

This bulb was designed to have the same yellowish light (no blue or harsh stark white). From the outside these will look very close to what you're used to.

ALL L.E.D. bulbs are sold and priced PER BULB, so if you have 12 candles, order 12 of the ones you want.

Click on the video below for LED bulb comparisons.


Customer Reviews

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Edmond Zahumensky

Would like to write a review but still haven't received them.

We apologize, Edmond. Shipping has been unpredictable.

Greg Forsyth

bright and will see how they last thanks

No problem, Greg. Thank you for this kind review.

Francis Barrett

Haven’t tried yet

Thank you for the nice review, Francis.

Karen Good

I received 2 window candles and 5 bulbs. One if the window candles does not work. There is not clear way to return and get a new candle. The rest work.

Sorry to hear about this. Make sure you contact us if you haven't already. Returns are made over the phone or by email and information regarding returns can be found on our distributor's website which can be accessed on the bottom of the page, AKA the footer of the website.

Susan Scheller
Window Candlelight Bulbs

Quick delivery. Would purchase from them again.

Thank you for the kind words.

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