About the founder

James G. Paquette

A loving husband and a father to two children, Jim Paquette (1961-2023) was a brilliant inventor, a kindhearted boss, and most certainly a jack of all trades. Jim's passion in life was solving problems with elegant, yet practical, solutions. Upon the construction of his dream home, Jim stumbled upon the problem that many customers, potentially including you, face during the Christmas season: crappy dollar store window candles.

To solve this issue, Jim figured the best option was to install outlets under each window. No... that wasn't enough! He hated the look of corded candles and hideous extension cords, especially when a home is supposed to look warm and inviting during the holidays, not like a construction site!

After some discussions with friends, family, and some engineers, a patent for the WindowCandles System was born, and the first installation (Jim's house) was performed.

Now, after an HGTV commercial and some blood, sweat, and tears, WindowCandles are installed in tens of thousands of homes throughout the United States and Canada.

HGTV Commercial