Installation Information and FAQs

Allow Sarah from WindowCandles to answer all of your frequently asked questions and explain some installation information tips!

What do I need for a system?

To start, you'll need our official WindowCandles UL listed wire to run from window to window in order to power the candles. You'll then need to think about how many candles you'll need for however many windows you have.

Something that people forget is that LED bulbs use 90% less energy than incandescent, so picking the transformer that is right for you is key. See the chart below for help with choosing the right transformer.

In order to mount the candles, you need the WCA1 kit that includes all mounting hardware, a candle, and a generic 302-C incandescent bulb.

Once you have the bare-bones system working with wire, a transformer, mounting clips, and candles, you can now start thinking about which of our 10,000 different design combinations you'll choose by browsing our caps, sleeves, bases, bulbs, and more!


Installation information and manual can be found using the dropdown containers.


Replacing a 1st Generation Mounting Clip with a 2nd Generation Mounting Clip

Replacing a 1st Generation Mounting Clip with a 1st Generation Mounting Clip