Matte Black Candle Cap CAP13

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Dress up your candle with matching candle caps. Each candle cap simply slides on top of candle, available in most finishes. CAP-13


Kelvin Ratings of LED Bulbs

Click here to see a diagram of color temperature ranges!

LED 3-year guarantee

Most LED bulbs are guaranteed for three years. If during, at any time, one of your bulbs blows out in this period, send it back to us for free and we will replace it!

Some bulbs are ineligible for this guarantee as they are either discontinued or are scheduled to be discontinued. The following bulbs are not eligible for the 3 year guarantee:

302-1 (discontinued in 2022)

302-2 (discontinued in 2020)

302-FY (discontinued in 2023)

302-OLED (version 1, discontinued in 2022)

302-FF (limited time only)

302-SF (limited time only)

Product Compatibility

Not all WindowCandles products are compatible with each other. We clearly display this information throughout our site.

  • Wax sleeves: Not all wax sleeves are compatible with all bases. No wax sleeves are compatible with square bases or any cap. Please contact us if you want to make sure the wax sleeves work with a particular base. If you order a wax sleeve and it does not work with your base, you may be eligible for a free return.
  • Bulbs: Absolutely no other bulb will work properly with the Window Candle stick. The candle is designed to detect a foreign bulb and stop producing light to prevent fires and/or damage to the candle stick. By using any other bulb except for our exclusive WindowCandles product line of 12-volt 2 watt incandescent or LED bulbs, you are violating your limited lifetime warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your candlestick by using incorrect bulbs. You will also be ineligible for candle repairs entirely.
  • Wire: By using any other wire other than the official WindowCandles yellow wire, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect wire.
  • Transformer: By using any other transformer other than the official WindowCandles transformers WC50VA, WC4Z (old), WC4Z (new), WC8Z (discontinued), or WC9Z, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect transformers.
  • Mounting hardware: By using any other type of mounting hardware other than the official WindowCandles mounting hardware, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect hardware.

If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

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Eric P (Elmira, NY)
Second window candle set

This is the second set of window candles that I've purchased over the past five years and they are absolutely beautiful in our multi-century-old farmhouse. They work great and I love the fact that they are permanently mounted LEDs that I don't have to worry about pets knocking over or chewing on chords. I have been lucky in that I am doing a complete renovation and have opened all of the walls and ran the cable from window to window. I think this would be difficult after the finish work has been done or in existing construction. Also, the connectors for the wires and the lights tend to be a bit "cheap". It is easy in the fact that the connector just pierces the wire for the connection but I have found that the wire tends to be a bit heavy and the plastic too soft for a very reliable connection. GREAT care needs to be taken to make these connections. For a bit more reliable connection I have run a "pigtail" of wire to each light and then CAREFULLY soldered (with very low temps) each wire to each connector. Other than that they have been very reliable and all of the neighbors comment positively on them. The only issue I have had over the past 5 years is the one candle by the window seat in the kitchen got knocked over numerous times by our 100# German Shepherd and it is beyond repair. (And the prices have gone up quite a bit, but then again, what hasn't?)

Thank you for sharing your experience with our WindowCandles in your multi-century-old farmhouse. We're thrilled to hear that you find them beautiful and appreciate their durability, especially when it comes to keeping pets safe and your home well-lit.

Regarding your feedback on the connectors for the wires and lights, we understand your concern. For the best performance, it's crucial to ensure that the Official WindowCandles WC18/2 wire is used, as it is specifically designed to work seamlessly with our products. Using alternative wires may lead to issues with the connections, as you've mentioned. We recommend double-checking the wire you've used and making sure it is the correct one to prevent any further difficulties.

Regarding pricing, we appreciate your understanding that prices may have increased over time. We have made every effort to keep our prices as consistent as possible since the early 2000s while continuing to provide high-quality products and service.

Thank you.