WindowCandles Assembly Kit [WCA1]

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Bring a warm, festive glow to your home with the WindowCandles Assembly Kit [WCA1]. This easy-to-install kit includes one candle, a high-quality 12VDC 2 watt incandescent bulb, a speed mounting clip, plus the hardware and rubber cover needed for a secure and stylish mount. Illuminate your home in style!


Kelvin Ratings of LED Bulbs

Click here to see a diagram of color temperature ranges!

LED 3-year guarantee

Most LED bulbs are guaranteed for three years. If during, at any time, one of your bulbs blows out in this period, send it back to us for free and we will replace it!

Some bulbs are ineligible for this guarantee as they are either discontinued or are scheduled to be discontinued. The following bulbs are not eligible for the 3 year guarantee:

302-1 (discontinued in 2022)

302-2 (discontinued in 2020)

302-FY (discontinued in 2023)

302-OLED (version 1, discontinued in 2022)

302-FF (limited time only)

302-SF (limited time only)

Product Compatibility

Not all WindowCandles products are compatible with each other. We clearly display this information throughout our site.

  • Wax sleeves: Not all wax sleeves are compatible with all bases. No wax sleeves are compatible with square bases or any cap. Please contact us if you want to make sure the wax sleeves work with a particular base. If you order a wax sleeve and it does not work with your base, you may be eligible for a free return.
  • Bulbs: Absolutely no other bulb will work properly with the Window Candle stick. The candle is designed to detect a foreign bulb and stop producing light to prevent fires and/or damage to the candle stick. By using any other bulb except for our exclusive WindowCandles product line of 12-volt 2 watt incandescent or LED bulbs, you are violating your limited lifetime warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your candlestick by using incorrect bulbs. You will also be ineligible for candle repairs entirely.
  • Wire: By using any other wire other than the official WindowCandles yellow wire, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect wire.
  • Transformer: By using any other transformer other than the official WindowCandles transformers WC50VA, WC4Z (old), WC4Z (new), WC8Z (discontinued), or WC9Z, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect transformers.
  • Mounting hardware: By using any other type of mounting hardware other than the official WindowCandles mounting hardware, you are violating your warranty and will not be compensated for damage or destruction caused to your system by using incorrect hardware.

If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Scott McMoran (Medford, NJ)

Love these lights and the kits are simple yet functional. The shipping and delivery is working out perfect so I don't have to have a lot of inventory on hand. We are becoming proud at installing and configuring these. Love them

Wonderful news, Scott. If you're installing multiple systems a year, please contact us regarding specialty authorized installer pricing that you may qualify for!

Have a wonderful day,

James Paquette

Jeffery Zimmerman (Myerstown, PA)
Great Customer Service!

This is a great product! But beyond that I have been trying to get a zone to work within my house. James along with Steve, the CEO went above and beyond to help me get my house working without hiring an electrician. Amazing! Certainly I took on my own risk of not hiring a professional but was worth it! Thank you to WindowCandles and the whole team.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying our WindowCandles Assembly Kit and that Steve and I were able to assist you in setting up your home. We are always here to help and are glad we could make your experience a positive one. Thanks for choosing WindowCandles!

James Paquette

Timothy Wilbur (Dillsburg, PA)

Perfect fit

Thanks for leaving this kind review.

Captain Laurel Poretz (Elkton, MD)
Lovely light.

I ordered replacement bulbs and sticks. The window candles are lovely! I really enjoy the soft warm light of the frosted white led bulbs, especially around the holidays.

Thanks for leaving this kind review.

Deborah Fiscus (Dover, DE)
Window Candle

Received this -however all I needed was the candle but was told that you do not sell just the candle - I have everything else. I was disappointed because I bought 11 candles from you and also bought several colors of bulbs and candle covers - I know in the future will be very careful putting them in and out (wire was damaged on bottom of candle)

Hi Deborah,

Yes, we only sell the WCA1 Assembly Kit as of 09/01/2023 as it is the most cost effective option for our customers.